Oakridge Taekwon-Do

"London's Only School of Original Taekwon-Do" Providing Lessons in the art of Chang Hun Taekwon-Do to the London community since 2006.



Studies have shown that children in Taekwon-Do have an increased sense of responsibility, a decrease in the willingness to take foolish risks and a higher sense of self-esteem. 

Many doctors have prescribed Taekwon-Do because of the positive outlet it gives children for all of their energy.

At Oakridge Taekwon-Do we promote good behavior and we expect the same at home and in school.

For adults, Taekwon-Do is like an exercise program with a bonus!  You learn to defend yourself while you get in shape.

Taekwon-Do is well-known for its stress relieving benefits.  The emphasis on mind/body training goes far beyond the benefits of standard health club type exercise programs.

What we teach is not a sport, but a method of using the mind, body and spirit to better ourselves in our training, as well as our daily life.

Our training environment is non-competitive, with each student working not only to improve him or herself, but to help the other students improve as well.

We hope that our traditional training methods will help to develop practical self-defense skills, all-around physical fitness and positive character traits in all of our students.



“The ultimate goal of martial arts

lies not in victory or defeat

but in the perfection of the character of its participants.”


“Taekwon-Do is a way of preparing mentally and

physically for the everyday stress and the

ultimate challenge that we hope will never confront us.”


Last Updated: August 30th, 2017