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On April 18th, Mike Morningstar (ITF 5th Dan) and chief instructor of Morningstar Taekwon-Do in Oakville, Canada once again put the human body to the test of endurance and perseverance, holding his seventh break-a-thon since the school’s inception in 1988. What started as a relatively small Break-a-thon 500 raising a modest amount of $4,800 for the Halton Lung Association has now grown into a huge Break-a-thon 2000 generating CAN$13,024.00 for this year’s charity, the Diabetes Hope Foundation.

The Break-a-thon 2000, or B2K, is an event where Mike Morningstar single-handedly breaks 2,000 boards using his hands and feet. Beginning at 11:00 am, Mr. Morningstar required only 2 1/2 hours to break all 2,000 boards. Although Mr. Morningstar uses almost every kick imaginable to break all of the boards, including flying twisting kicks and flying side kicks over obstacles, the event is highlighted by the numerous “challenges” where Mr. Morningstar attempts to break as many boards as he can in a small amount of time, while the crowd attempts to raise donations of $1/board during that time. All of the challenges were a success, especially the final “1 minute challenge” in which over $900 was raised during the time limit as Mike broke 90 boards in 1 minute.

Even more amazing than the actual breaking is that over $8,000 of the total funds raised for the event are generated entirely through the efforts of the students of Morningstar Taekwon-Do. While donations from the students are accepted, they are instead encouraged to try and gather donations from outside their own family. Prizes such as a Nintendo Wii, a IPod Touch and a Digital Camera were also donated to give to those students who raise the most amount of money. 
A special thanks to corporate sponsors Rosehaven Homes, Hopedale Mall, Bott Construction, Homes on Homes, Maresco Limited

This year’s event was certainly successful bringing the total of money raised by Morningstar Taekwon-Do for various charity's through the Break-A-Thon to over $60,000.


We would like to thank Rosehaven Homes for donating all the boards to be used in this years event!

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